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T-shirts are one of the most common clothes people wear in warm springs and hot summers. They are generally made of cotton fabric, have the advantages of sweat absorption, breathable, soft, cool, and very comfortable for wear. Today, t-shirts become more and more fashionable to meet the latest requirements. All details can be customized including colors, sizes, and printing. Many groups and organizations choose custom t-shirts as their team clothes to show they are together. Any design can be printed on our t-shirts, like logos for promotion. Similar to print cotton bags, we generally use silk screen printing or heat-transfer printing to print the t-shirts. For silk screen printing, we should make screen printing plates for each color of the design. Then, print the colors on t-shirts one by one. Because of this, there may be some displacements to print the designs with many colors. For heat-transfer printing, the whole design will be printed on a special film at first. And then, heat transferred on the t-shirts. Accordingly, we use silk screen printing to print simple designs like company logos and use heat-transfer printing to print complex designs like photos. So, no matter what are your designs, we can print them, just tell us your idea. Tuoder is a professional custom printed t-shirts manufacturer. If you are looking for a reliable t-shirts supplier and wholesale t-shirts at a low cost, we are the best choice for you!